Why visit Vrboska?

Along the deep narrow bay is the smallest island town, Vrboska, whose Vela and Mola bond are connected by picturesque stone bridges, which is why it is rightly called "Little Venice". Surrounded by a dense pine forest, its bridges, cobbled streets, and Renaissance and Gothic houses on both sides of the bay adorned by an islet in the middle of the bay, it is a sight that will leave few indifferent.

Stone houses painted in the water and quietly anchored fishing boats bathed in the sun, give the place a special charm and intimate warmth. With a rich and quality offer of accommodation facilities offered by apartments, rooms, villas, hotels and camps, Vrboska is one of the most desirable and most visited centers on the island of Hvar. Vrboska is known as the most fishing place on the island, as evidenced by the rich collection of the Fishermen's Museum. Today, the old fishing village is a tourist town that with its beauty, numerous sights, and the peace it exudes from every corner